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Welcome to Storms.

Uzumaki Naruto is all alone. At least, until he's taken in by a dark, rich stranger. It seems he now has something to live for again... (Eventual SasuNaru) This is an attempt to draw the Naruto fan fic "Storms" by kazenoyouni. (: GREAT FIC. Summary is taken from FF. Here's the link to the first chapter: This is AU (alternative universe), so you can understand things even if you didn't read Naruto. Warning! BL/slash/boy on boy (Don't like it, don't read it) and MESSY PENCIL SKETCHES Disclaimer: Both the manga series and the fan fiction do not belong to me. <<<<<FROM RIGHT TO LEFT<<<<< [UPDATE] Irregular update/hiatus. I might as well mark this DISCONTINUED.

"massive updates"? pfft.

Hey guys, I just want you to know whatever I was saying about updates, I take it back (omg, I know, this is SO not Naruto-like). I thought you guys deserve to know about this. I guess when I was talking about the updates, I was being overly determinant.

-sigh- work is draining my energy. I'll be back like, I dunno...lols...I'll be back whenever I feel like coming back I guess...Sorry! > <

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mindless midnight ramble

hey guys...I stayed up to finish the next two pages and the new banner, mannnnn
now i can't sleep LOL
should I upload the two pages NOW? I hope you guys like it, esp. the second one~
this is so pointless lol...I should delete this later

posted by black sesame @ June 9th, 2010, 12:42 am   1 comments

ANIME NORTH 2010!!! this is where I went instead of drawing the next page! hahhaa...forgive me! This was like my first time at an anime convention! It was just greaat! So awesome to see all those amazing cosplayers! (I didn't cosplay this year...too lazy LOLLL)

I bought some manga too! and a SasuNaru fan book (SO RIPPED OFF LOLL) called "Mou Kimi wa Inai" (you're already gone) by Marjoram/Shiho! :D Pretty nice art, the story is okay~

mannn just loved the atmosphere! so much people...SO crowded haha everyone was so friendly! LOLL maybe this is just in my opinion...I don't have much anime fan friends.

I was at the art gallery, those people are like pro! LOL I feel like sucha shrimp LOL but that's okay! I'll keep drawing this! I'LL WORK HARD! FIGHTT!

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Page 17 temporarily delayed seems like I didn't save my edits. (I don't know how. I blame it on PS) I procrastinated, and now I gotta finish all my work. No time for another edit, unless you guys want it raw. So, only 2 updates this weekend for you guys. Sorry.

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almost 3 in the morning...hahahaha I'm gonna die in the morning.
ANYWAY. I successfully changed the banner and the fav button, BUT HOW TO I MAKE THE FAV BUTTON SIT RIGHT BESIDE THE BANNER? D:

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Cluelessness: next few pages AND smut scene in the fic

Few things I feel the need to address to you guys:

1. I don't know if I should go in detail for the scene where Naruto wakes up. The scene has a lot of drawings to show the lavish apartment...but I don't know how to draw it out so the pictures will look presentable. So, probably I'm just gonna do rough sketches from now and on to avoid details.

Plus, school is starting tomorrow and if I will have time on manga, it's probably gonna be spent on the new BL collab I'm doing with a friend. It's gonna be awesome! WAKAKAKA xDD I'm actually gonna work for this.

THEREFORE. No updates for a while. Harhar. Yeah, sorry. If you're wondering about the plot, you can start reading the fic. The link is on the webcomic's profile (or right above this chunk of text).

2. Even though I try to draw and update this manga solely because I wanna draw out the story, I can't help myself being affected by the number of fans. I appreciate all the favs, really. However, I'm gonna update the next page after 3 more new fans. Haha, I know I'm being a butt. I deeply apologize. So, after the next page, updates will be slower.

3. For all the YAOI fans: good news and bad news for you. Good news is there IS a smut scene in the fic; bad news is I might not draw it. Don't get disappointed, I know for sure I'm gonna draw the lime scene...haha...big challenge for me --> I'm a noob at drawing human anatomy. BUT I'LL GANBATTE FOR YOU GUYS D:

While all you yaoi fans are dancing (includes me), this serves as a warning to the people who can't stand BL lime scenes.

ENJOY! and have a YAY-NARUTO-FINALLY-WOKE-UP of a day!

black sesame

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No other updates until March 12

After this and tomorrow's update, there will no uploads until March 12. Sorry to all who are concerned ):

School works are piling up because I got too excited starting this, and I easily neglected everything else. Haha. Plus, I don't feel as motivated as before (probably due to lack of fans?), so I'm really not gonna let this drag down my studies.

I might, it's a low possibility, update before that date perhaps I needed something to procrastinate with. So...yeah.

Thank you SO much for all the support! I could've discontinued after like, page 4 if it weren't for all the favs and comments.

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I really hate how the software only read/save files as cpg, and it's not compatible with psd (Photoshop files)! Whenever you export pictures, the dimensions always get screwed up! FK! D: They have so many lovely brushes and tones, but it takes so freaking long to load. The whole program is designed so you can create the comic on the computer, starting from scratch. However, if you finished your comic on paper, the size of the template may not be suitable for your size of comic, and therefore, screws up the dimensions because there are extra spaces/cut offs.

Ughhhh...I'm never toning ever again D:

Besides my complaints, page 6 is 100% finished.

posted by black sesame @ February 25th, 2010, 11:31 pm   0 comments

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